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Tech-Enabled or Tech-Empowered?

How a different way of thinking about technology and a willingness to embrace it beyond your digital banking platform can help your financial organization step ahead.

In 1994, Bill Gates said a phrase that turned out to be prophetic. He said, “banking is necessary – banks are not.” At the time, that statement sounded pretty bold. Maybe even brash. Today it seems obvious.

Banks, credit unions, and all kinds of fintech companies would almost unanimously agree, all recognizing the need for digital banking solutions, and racing towards better and better ways of meeting customer needs online and on demand.

While the pandemic didn’t create this need, it further underscored it, driving even smaller regional institutions to seek digital banking solutions that could help them compete with national and global players. But COVID forced us to embrace technology in other ways, beyond our product. It required us to replicate experiences that traditionally would have happened in person, face to face. We found new ways to connect, collaborate, and keep communication flowing… and technology allowed us to do it.

Today, the impact of the pandemic is far from over, but it is slowing down. People are returning to the office, and travel is once again an option. It’s time for business to get back to normal…


Should we get back to “normal”? At Lumin Digital, we’ve always thought a little differently about technology. From CRM platforms to project management tools and collaborative communication applications, we believe in its potential to create better experiences — for not only the end users of our product, but for our customers, and our own internal team members as well.

In this series, Tech-Enabled or Tech-Empowered, we discuss how a tech-forward way of thinking has influenced our sales, implementation, and customer service divisions, and how that same approach could be applied to the advantage of other organizations. While there are unique benefits for different areas of business, there are a few common threads that surface across all:

  • Collaboration – technology makes it easier for us to work together, bringing larger and more diverse groups into key parts of the process as they are needed.
  • Communication – technology improves communication, enabling clarity, consistency, and visibility at all levels.
  • Agility – a future-forward approach to technology allows us to be more flexible, and to quickly adapt as our industry and customers evolve.
  • Decision-making – technology can deliver the knowledge we need to make informed decisions, faster and more confidently.
  • Streamlined workflows – technology allows us to cut many inefficiencies out of our processes, enabling greater speed, scale, and responsiveness in all aspects of our work.

By truly embracing a tech-forward mentality in all areas of our business, Lumin has been able to create significant value for our customers. We believe it’s the not-so-secret secret to a more efficient, cohesive, and positive experience for all involved.

Check back to learn more about how we’re using technology to optimize the implementation process in Part 1 of our Tech-Enabled or Tech-Empowered series.