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The means and opportunities by which people can digitally connect to their money, and to each other, is in constant evolution. And that’s awesome. It should be that way. But it also means consumer demands increase and are likewise in a constant state of flux.

Legacy solutions, codes, and platforms simply can’t keep up. Retrofitting them into the cloud exacerbates the issue. We knew it was time for something new, something sustainable, something different. Something that can always rise beyond the needs of today and light the path for the needs of tomorrow.

So we invented an organization that could provide just that, through a fundamentally different approach to technology, service, and people. This approach helps both our customers and their users feel continually confident, secure, and engaged in their digital experiences. And we believe that makes all the difference.

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Lumin exists to help you:

best-in-class digital solutions

Deliver best-in-class digital solutions that align with your organization’s values and service.

Enhance user experience while reducing burden on internal staff.

ongoing customization, innovation, and improvement

Make ongoing customization, innovation, and improvement easier, faster, and more consistent.


Build and strengthen relationships with users to better serve their needs.


To do great things in life and business, you need to think big, take calculated risks, work harder (and smarter) than you’d ever think possible. And always, always roll with a good group of friends. Meet a few of ours.


We work with credit unions and other financial institutions of all shapes and sizes, supporting their users across the country.

Interested in joining the Lumin team?