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4 Effective Ways to Connect with Your Users Digitally

Top financial institutions base success on their ability to form lasting and unique relationships with their end users. Connecting with them digitally builds their loyalty and encourages them to continue working with your organization. In the digital age, there are plenty of ways to connect with users, including newsletters, blogs and social media platforms. Keep reading to learn about creative ways to create personal and innovative user experiences — and keep your consumers engaged.

Personalized Experience

With digitization creating tailored online or app experiences for individuals, end users expect nothing short of personalized experiences. You can enhance the consumer experience — and create more meaningful ones — by innovating digitally and partnering with cloud-based software. The best platform not only gives end users personalized money insights and relevant resources on their behavior, but provides you with predictive analytics that can help your organization better understand — and plan for — your target users.

Get Visual

While having written content on your site is paramount for financial organizations, users respond well to more visual forms of content intake. Videos are a great solution to help make complex topics easily digestible for your users — whether it’s a demo that demystifies product and service features or provides financial wellness education to consumers. Consider incorporating more visual forms of content (short clips, GIFs and animations) into your social media and email strategies as well — research shows that videos can help email click rates increase by 300% and conversions by 80%.

Gamify Tasks

In the modern digital landscape, gaining the attention of your customers is not enough — retaining them and nurturing along the user journey towards a sign-up requires more thoughtful planning. Consider gamifying features on your mobile banking app or online banking platform to keep users engaged and declutter the CX experience. Plus, your users will get to enjoy personalized experiences that offer targeted financial wellness tips and money strategies. Some of the most effective tools include progress bars and savings goal trackers.

Connect on Social Media

For any financial institution — especially one that’s trying to appeal more to a millennial or Gen Z audience — social media is a great way of developing lasting relationships with consumers. Use it to answer questions promptly with a robust community management team and build meaningful connections through an engaging feed. Practice social listening by attuning yourself to the performance of past posts — or your competitors’ posts — to understand the conversation trends that users are responding well to. Here are some ideas organizations can implement in their social campaigns:

  • Industry news: Take industry news or the latest statistics as an opportunity to speak to your current audiences or audiences you want to target more clearly.
  • Product/service updates: Release PR announcements or blog posts announcing new product/service updates and how they directly impact your users.
  • Behind the scenes experience: Give your customers the chance to find out what goes on behind the scenes. It makes them feel included and gives your financial institution more credibility.

Financial institutions need to remain nimble to maintain a digital connection with their existing end users and attract new leads to nurture. To deliver the services your users need, you’ll need a digital banking platform that allows you to connect with users in personalized ways. Lumin Digital offers banks and credit unions a customizable tool that includes high security, zero downtime updates and predictive analytics to better engage consumers. Contact us today to request a demo