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Lumin Digital Announces New Enhancements, Introduces New Form Experience

San Ramon, Calif. — September 22, 2022 — As a part of its commitment to constant improvement and evolution, Lumin Digital (Lumin) has announced new improvements and changes to its User Interface with the introduction of a Glassmorphic Interface (Glass UI) and the launch of its New Form Experience (NFX). These changes will even further positively impact financial institutions and their digital banking users by further enhancing how they are able to access and navigate Lumin’s cloud-native platform. These improvements to Lumin’s user experience were made with mobile users in mind. On average, over 70% of all Lumin’s user sessions take place in native mobile apps.

Glass UI is a card-based interface used for designing websites, smartphones, web apps, and mobile apps based on transparency (frosted-glass), vivid or pastel colors, and a light border. Among some of the changes to Lumin’s Glass UI are “micro” improvements such as new visual design elements which follow current trends and best practices in today’s fintech app space. These updated design elements feature modern and brand-reinforcing gradients for clients, clearer typography, and enhanced visual distinction between account types. User navigation was also retooled to include elevation through Glassmorphic shapes and boundaries that interact with the new gradient backgrounds.

Lumin’s New Form Experience (NFX) includes improved clarity and definition of form elements, enhancements in components like password fields, visual alerts, account status display, tooltips, and more. Notably, both the new Glass UI and NFX were vetted and tested in partnership with Lumin’s Design Advisory Group, a group of clients that gives input and feedback on current and desired products and services that benefit both the financial institution and end-user through beta testing, user testing and surveys. Many changes were also made to improve ADA compliance, including text-to-speech updates and color palettes distinguishable for those with color blindness.

“Every single enhancement we create is made with our clients and their users in mind, implementing their specific feedback and needs at every junction,” said Jeff Chambers, founder and CEO of Lumin Digital. “We are constantly working with clients and partners to improve our cloud-native platform, which accelerates innovation and positive impact.”

About Lumin Digital

Lumin Digital is a PSCU-majority-owned fintech company specializing in digital banking solutions. Through a fundamentally different approach to technology, service, and people, we’re creating the next generation of financial solutions each and every day. Lumin helps credit unions and financial institutions build and deploy next-gen digital experiences that help to continually serve, engage, and grow their membership base. While other platforms are partially adapted or retrofitted for the cloud, Lumin is 100% cloud-native. It was built specifically for the cloud environment, allowing us to more fully realize the advantages it offers. It’s a difference that financial institutions and their users will see and feel almost immediately. For more information, visit