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While actionable insights are key to the success of your organization, Lumin Analytics goes a step beyond. Using advanced data science and machine learning technologies, our platform is continually gathering new data about your users and using that data to understand, predict, and influence their behavior.

  • Prebuilt data visualizations that cover topics like digital banking metrics, user engagement, and performance dashboards.
  • Integrated access through the Lumin admin support portal.
  • Comprehensive and continuously updated data dictionary.

See your data your way.

Your data, made meaningful.

  • Curated and enriched data sets, including activity, demographic, marketing, and account data.
  • Easily create, export, and share analyses or underlying report details.
  • Data drill down and filtering by segment, user, action, etc.
  • Cloud-native, real-time data streaming and analytics platform.
  • See more than what is stored in your database – view historical changes and changes that are occurring in real time.
  • Robust reporting capabilities that are continuously accessible and customizable.

Your data, activated.

Lumin Analytics is designed to help our bank and credit union customers realize:

Deeper relationships.

Lumin Analytics gives you the tools you need to increase user conversion and product adoptions, empowering you to continually improve the user experience and engage your users in new ways.

Optimized teams.

Lumin Analytics’ platform empowers you to scale your business without scaling your team. Our technology takes the burden of data analysis and repetitive tasks off your staff, allowing them to focus on the work they do best.

Mitigated risk.

With integrated security and compliance capabilities, as well as automated anomaly detection, Lumin Analytics helps you quickly identify and prevent fraudulent activity and minimizes risk to your organization.

empowered growth

Empowered growth.

Lumin Analytics gives customers the insights they need to make better business decisions and take control of their organization’s future. It empowers the efficient operations, scalability, competitive advantage, and strategic growth you need to succeed today as well as tomorrow.

Go Beyond: The Power of Data + Analytics for Banks and Credit Unions

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