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Our partnership program is designed to support developers of all shapes and sizes in the fintech industry. Whether you’re a small startup or an established enterprise, we’re always looking for new partners with innovative solutions to today’s digital hurdles. Together, we are creating cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize how people manage their finances.

With over 200 partners and integrations, including essential banking technologies such as Bill Pay, Card Controls, Payments, Business Banking, Chatbot support, Financial Wellness tools, Fraud Detection systems, and much more, Lumin offers its clients a comprehensive cloud-native platform to enhance their digital branches for tomorrow’s users. 

Through this program, partner developers gain access to Lumin’s extensive resources and technical support to help them build and integrate our cutting-edge banking solutions into their products and services. We value diversity and welcome developers from all backgrounds to join us in shaping the future of fintech.



Lumin Digital connects with technology providers to deliver a seamless digital experience to financial institutions and customers alike.


Lumin Digital partners with cutting-edge product innovators in the digital space to introduce financial institutions to the latest marketplace offerings.


Via our exclusive network of industry-leading partners, Lumin Digital proudly resells solutions that financial institutions can count on to pioneer a digital future.


The Lumin Digital platform uses a microservice architecture to maintain flexibility on what middleware and toolkits can be used when integrating third-party technologies. There is no specific limit on how the integrations can happen, which means Lumin Digital can support various SSO interfaces and bi-directional and real-time API interfaces.

Developers can easily incorporate Lumin’s digital banking solutions into their platforms using our SDK. The SDK offers a variety of APIs and tools that allow seamless integration with our core banking system, enabling developers to enhance their products and services with our robust cloud-native infrastructure. Whether it’s adding payment processing or integrating chatbot support, our SDK simplifies the process. Our technical support team is also readily available to assist with any integration challenges or inquiries.

Join our growing network of fintechs.

Together, we can drive innovation, create cutting-edge solutions for banks and credit unions, and empower individuals to take control of their financial futures. Simply answer a few questions about your solution and we’ll reach back out to you.