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How Lumin Digital Is Helping Interra Credit Union Innovate Quickly

Indiana-based Interra Credit Union partnered with Lumin Digital to enhance its members’ digital banking experience. Candace Gleason, vice president of operations support at Interra Credit Union, discusses the ease of partnering with Lumin Digital to create a new platform for members. Currently, Interra has between 85-90,000 thousand members, of whom approximately 50,000 bank online.

1. What features are you most looking forward to when your new platform goes live? Why are they valuable for your members and business overall?

Interra is very excited about Lumin’s innovative capabilities! Some of the features that Interra is proud to offer our members include:

  • Members customized dashboards
  • Card Controls – fewer lost or stolen cards
  • Self Service Commercial Platform Suite
  • Robust personal financial management and aggregation tools
  • Diverse money movement features – for consumer and commercial members

These features and products will create a unique digital banking experience for our members. It puts customizable tools and data at their fingertips that empower them to make sound financial decisions. Business members can use commercial online banking to customize and tweak it without having to contact support. It creates a unique digital banking service. We want to help members make sound financial decisions, and the Lumin online banking platform will help us achieve that.

2. What has the conversion process been like, especially considering the nature of remote work right now? 

The platform development process has been seamless. Regardless of the remote nature of the work, Lumin continues to deliver on-time and with a high degree of accuracy. Interra is pleased with how flexible Lumin’s communication, development and deployment have remained. All has gone off without a hitch so far.

3. How do you feel like Lumin is working to understand your unique needs?

Lumin has created Interra’s platform by walking alongside us every step of the way and providing excellent project management. Our project manager Jenny has been outstanding.

Lumin’s desire is to understand Interra’s unique needs. This is accomplished through weekly project meetings, Design Advisory Group participation, third-party collaboration calls with vendors and constant development review. If Interra desires changes to the process or design, Lumin is very quick to accommodate those requests. 

4. What was the sales process like for you, and how did it differ from other experiences you have had?

The sales process was smooth and personalized. Definitely different from other sales experiences. Salesman Jeff Johnson took the time to truly understand Interra’s needs. Jeff was highly engaged and in constant communication. Sales experiences can be hurried, impersonal and all about the close. However, Lumin’s process was not simply to sell a product but to listen, collaborate and build a partnership. Several months from the sales phase, Jeff still reaches out to see how things are going and if there is any way he can assist.

5. Ultimately, why did you decide to partner with Lumin Digital? What did they offer over competitors?

Ultimately, Interra chose Lumin as a long-term innovation partner. We believe Lumin offers custom-tailored digital experiences through a cloud-based, highly adaptable platform. Interra looks forward to our partnership and the innovation Lumin can provide for our membership’s digital banking needs. 

6. What pain points are Lumin Digital helping you solve?

Lumin will solve many pain points such as old technology, poor customer service and lagging innovation. Technology evolves at a rapid pace, and Lumin has really proven they can innovate and adapt quickly. They have built a strong core of service and development staff to provide quick and personalized solutions for Interra. The developers are just as involved in the conversation. All three parties, customer service, development and Interra all work together.

7. How will that impact your business overall?

This allows us to enhance the digital banking experience for all of Interra’s members. It will deepen the engagement between Interra and our members, and we gain even more trust as a valued financial resource. Our members will also benefit from the efficiencies of Lumin’s back-office suite. These tools allow our staff to quickly address the needs of our members and begin improvements.