Technology built for human connection

Creates value for users, wherever life takes them.

Technology built for human connection

Creates value for users, wherever life takes them.

Made For Financial Institutions - Designed For Users

Imagine anticipating your users’ every need, before they even ask. If it seems far fetched or overly ambitious, then we’d like to introduce you to a digital banking solution that can turn that fantasy into reality. Introducing Lumin Digital – a cloud-native platform allowing your financial institution to build personalized experiences for users that truly make a difference in their lives.

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Benefits For Users

Combining the highest-end user interface with custom-tailored user solutions, we create a user-first experience for your users that’s in a class of its own.

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Benefits For Financial Institutions

We enable your institution to build powerful, permanent relationships with users through personalized UX interfaces that deepen engagement, interaction, and trust on a person-to-person level.

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Build Engagement

We enable action by increasing the agency of your financial institution. Our platform allows for real-time engagement capabilities, giving you the power to create deep and lasting connections with users by providing them with resources related to their specific needs.

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Become A Daily Part Of Users’ Lives

We don’t facilitate user connection, we help you create it. Learn how Lumin Digital’s unique platform can help your financial institution become a true, invaluable partner to each one of your users on a personal level.

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“We chose Lumin Digital as our digital banking provider after building a trusted relationship with key individuals at the company, who all have tremendous experience in the space. Additionally, we saw this partnership as an opportunity to leap forward in the industry, given Lumin Digital’s technology is on par with companies like Amazon, Google and Netflix.”

Kit Snyder, President & CEO
Consumers Credit Union

“OneAZ’s desire to incorporate analytics data for its members by using a highly progressive and advanced platform led to our selection of Lumin Digital as our partner to achieve this goal. Our digital and analytics teams have already created a fantastic roadmap to customize the credit union’s interaction with each of our members on an individual basis – creating a personal and comfortable environment for our members to perform simplified and reliable banking functions, all while interacting with what is relevant to them based on their individual and customized financial needs.”

Sean Azhadi, SVP & CIO
OneAZ Credit Union

“In looking for partners, we found Lumin Digital offers an innovative product that is constantly evolving, making it easy to implement refinements whenever we want without forcing downtime. Our staff immediately felt an emotional connection with the product – the design and its focus on member engagement were key factors in our decision.”

Willie Lewis, Vice President of Projects
Shell Federal Credit Union

Elevate Your Users' Experiences

Learn more about how Lumin Digital’s unique offering can help your organization take your users’ experiences to a higher level.