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A Conversation with Lisa Sutton, Lumin Digital’s New Chief Talent Officer

Lisa Sutton

Chief Talent Officer
Lumin Digital

Lisa Sutton, chief talent officer,  recently joined Lumin Digital as a member of the senior leadership team. Lisa is an accomplished human resources leader with 20+ years of experience driving innovative talent strategies for high-performing companies. Lisa has led impactful culture and employee experience programs focused on engagement, strengths, well-being, and inclusion, directly contributing to strong business outcomes. She splits her time between Florida and Colorado and has two adult children and two grandchildren.  In her free time, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and reading.

“I am committed to fostering an environment where employees feel empowered, valued, and inspired to do their best. I look forward to helping cultivate current and new talent to ensure that each employee reaches their full potential.”

Lisa Sutton, Chief Talent Officer

Our team interviewed this growth-focused leader to learn more about her vision and why she was eager to join Lumin.

Q: Why did you join Lumin? What excites you about the opportunity?
Having recently worked at PSCU,  a strategic investor in Lumin Digital, I have been exposed to Lumin since its inception. I love the business, its people, and its strong commitment to culture. I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute as we continue to support our people, giving them the power to innovate for our clients and at the at the pace of our clients.  

 Q: How has your previous experience prepared you for this role?
From startups to mature Fortune 100 firms, my background has spanned across all functional areas of HR. I’ve led an innovative global people strategy to drive results and business growth by delivering the right talent, structure, and engagement to its people. As a certified Credit Union Development Educator (CUDE), I understand our teams’ impact on our clients, solutions, and services. I like to think of myself as a business person specializing in the people side of the business, with a passion for culture, employee experience, and leveraging the strengths of every associate. 

Q: Tell us more about Lumin’s culture.
Our culture is grounded in three core principles: trust, respect, and boldness. Lumin believes in building strong relationships where people are free to communicate openly, be direct and candid when giving and receiving feedback, and feel safe in an inclusive environment where they are free to be authentic. 

Q: What sets Lumin Digital apart?
Lumin has a leadership style and philosophy that prioritizes the growth and well-being of others. This forward-thinking vision and overall strategy have powered Lumin’s people to foster a culture of creativity, leading to innovative product solutions.