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Through a laser-sharp focus on perpetual invention, Lumin helps financial institutions build and deploy next-gen digital experiences that help to continually serve, engage, and grow their member base. You can’t do that with the status quo. Which is why we approach technology, service, and people differently–and at a deeper level–throughout our entire organization.

Lumin’s technology was born in and built for the cloud, making it inherently more scalable, flexible, and reliable.

While other platforms are partially adapted or retrofitted for the cloud, Lumin is 100% cloud-native. It was built specifically for the cloud environment, allowing us to more fully realize the advantages it offers. Our microservice architecture allows for more frequent and manageable updates that have exactly the impact expected—no surprise conflicts or unintended consequences to other functionality. We’re the only provider to standardize weekly updates with zero downtime, reducing the time your team spends preparing for and dealing with service interruptions, and increasing the speed at which we help you bring the next great innovation to your customers.

Weekly updates. Zero downtime.

Partners over product.

We approach each engagement as a long-term partnership—one in which our goal is to support your goals, both today and in the future.

Throughout our relationship, we’ll work to truly understand your needs as well as those of your users. It’s how we ensure we’re delivering the right solutions, not just the obvious ones. Our dedicated service professionals, designers, and developers work together with your team to create the best solutions for your needs as they evolve. From initial deployment, to continued customization, to future innovations and developments, we deliver the collaboration, communication, and accountability our partners need to be confident in the outcomes we create.

In everything we do, our people are driven by curiosity.

Our team is made up of a diverse group of professionals, each putting their unique skills to work for the success of our partners. But across every role, department, and level of our company, our employees have one thing in common: continual curiosity. We see each challenge and each success as an opportunity to create something new, different, and even more exceptional. It’s how we keep redefining and surpassing the cutting edge of our industry.

Driven by


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We work with credit unions and other financial institutions of all shapes and sizes, supporting their members across the country.

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