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We’ll be in touch very soon. Remember to check your inbox for updates. In the meantime, here are some FAQs that will help you get to know us better.

Who is Lumin Digital?

We know credit unions have a unique relationship with their members, based on trust and a personal connection. At Lumin Digital, we saw an opportunity to help credit unions improve how they engage with their members through digital banking. So we assembled a team focused on providing you with the information, the tools, and the guidance to elevate member outcomes in the digital world.

What makes Lumin different?

We are committed to 1) a member engagement model that delivers a tailored, personalized digital banking experience, 2) state of the art technology, and 3) a member experience that is fresh, modern and extremely fast.

How can you impact the growth of my business?

Lumin’s engagement strategy is designed to increase a member’s activity through intentional, targeted next-best actions within online banking. Through our proprietary engagement model, Lumin promotes stronger enrollment in your CU’s products and services which ultimately improves your bottom line.

Change is difficult, why not just stay put?

Your members deserve an exceptional digital experience, and you deserve it to be as easy as possible. Lumin brings extensive experience to the implementation, service, and support areas of the company. Our client onboarding process employs new technologies designed to deliver a frictionless implementation that both you and your members will appreciate. And our modern architecture allows for rapid updates and upgrades with pinpoint precision, ensuring minimal impact to your members.

What’s your relationship to PSCU?

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of PSCU. As a member of the PSCU family, we are a member-owned cooperative that focuses on serving credit unions and credit union members.

How is what you are doing secure and compliant?

Lumin Digital provides a hardened platform that protects the security and confidentiality of financial institution’s data using formal risk, cybersecurity, and vendor management programs coupled with strong policies and procedures aligned to regulatory compliance guidance from FFIEC, GLBA, and Prudential Regulators. Our platform is built using advanced technical controls, including strong encryption for data at rest and in transit, configurable role-based security, and principles of least privilege throughout our application and infrastructure. Our security controls are aligned to industry best practices such as SOC 2 SysTrust, PCI DSS, and CIS Critical Security Controls and leverage advanced threat intelligence feeds and machine learning technologies to detect and protect against threats.